Girindra Sekhar Bose : A forgotten genius of psychoanalysis in India

  • Arabinda Brahma Consultant Psychiatrist, Girindrasekhar Clinic, Kolkata 700009 Hony Lecturer, Indian Psychoanalytical Society, Kolkata
Keywords: Girindra Sekhar Bose;psychoanalysis; India


Professor Girindrasekhar Bose, D. Sc., M.B., F.N.L., was born on 30th January, 1887 in Darbhanga district of Bihar. The Bose family had the reputation of rich cultural excellence. Girindrasekhar’s father Sri Chandrasekhar Bose was the then Dewan of the Darbhanga Raj Estate. One of his brothers, Sri Rajsekhar Bose, was a famous writer of Bengali literature. Girindrasekhar was the youngest of the four sons and five daughters. Since childhood, amiable in his behaviour and inquisitive by nature, he was very much liked by his teachers and peer group.